Folding Clothes with a Twist

5 super simple ways to get more out of your laundry folding time:
– If you fold infrequently or fold a lot of laundry at one time, folding is a great time to listen to a sermon or audio book. 
– I like to think that time spent singing (good songs) is never wasted. 
– Just think. Everyone can use a little time to slow down and think.
– Teach a little child to fold simple laundry like dish towels and socks. 
– And last but not least, pray! The Bible says, “Pray without ceasing,” but often it’s hard to conform our minds into a spirit of prayer while doing tasks that require more brain usage.


  • Great ideas Lisa! I have done them all while folding laundry. I especially like to pray and listen to some of my favorite music while doing it. 🙂