My Occupation? Glad you asked!

My Occupation? Glad you asked!

What name do you give to your extraordinary role when asked your occupation? I do not use the word ‘housewife’ as it has negative connotations. I prefer to use titles as:
Home Manager! Nation Builder! Nation Changer! Director if Home Affairs!
These titles let people know who we really are as mothers. Yes, you are in full time work for God. You have great responsibilities. Do not let anyone degrade your role as a homemaker. It is higher than any other role.
-Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies

  • I don’t call myself a housewife either. I like the title Domestic Engineer, when I remember.

  • I like housewife. I know its not a popular term, but I like it because it is old fashioned and (in my opinion) conjures up images like the ones I love so much at the top of your page!

    • I like it too, I think it’s cute! 😉 But there are so many ways to elaborate on the term and make it fancy! =) <3

  • I prefer “housewife” – it is the traditional term, and I like tradition. It’s a title that has been carried with dignity by generations of Christian women before me.

    If you think about it, when people keep changing what they want to be called, it’s often because they buy into the negative attitudes of others. But positions of great respect – no one complains about those traditional terms. No one complains about being called “CEO”, “President” or “King!”

    When we say “call me something cooler than that old name” aren’t we in some way saying “I don’t feel 100% good about what I do?”

    Call me a housewife. Really. I insist : )

    • I love the title as well! Sometimes its nice to add a twist to make others who look down on the title to think and consider! =)

  • I love the comments, especially, from those who use “housewife.” It is perfect, and traditional and old fashioned and what I am proud of.

  • I love the images on your banner 🙂 most of what is Godly has a negative connotation in the world view, I am just glad I don’t look to the world for my value, I do say I am manger at Scott & Rory co for fun 🙂 Stopping by from Wise Woman Link Up. Have a blessed day. Tara.

  • I tell people that I am a wife and mom! I say it proud! I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the ability to stay home and raise my children and care for my husband!