It’s Worth the Time & Tears

Sometimes life at home can be hard. Sometimes it can be very hard! And every-time I write a post on this page I think about that. No one can accomplish everything perfectly. During the day, stuck in the moment, it’s hard to remember and even ACT on what you read in your devotionals and encouraging articles. But let me assure you, whatever you do in your home, for your children, for your siblings, or for your husband is so worth the effort! It is so worth the trial! It is worth the time and tears. What you are doing is more important than anything you could do elsewhere. So even if your day didn’t go as planned or as good as you had hoped it would be you can tell yourself that you have done an angles work! The greatest work done on earth is the act of servitude. Jesus Christ exampled the greatest act of servitude by dyeing on the cross but gave mothers the opportunity to practice that kind of service everyday! Isn’t that neat? We get to serve others the same way Jesus did! By taking up our cross, dying to self, and blessing others through acts of service such as making the dinner table look pretty with a beautiful centerpiece. Or cleaning the living room and having music on when the boys return from work! Our WORK IS IMPORTANT! So don’t worry about having it all together or doing housework perfectly or being in a cheerful mood all the time. What matters is you and Jesus. Working together to bless others though acts of servitude. 

  • Anna B.

    I so agree Lisa! Thank you for sharing that.
    Love, Anna

  • Elizabeth

    Very encouraging, the Lord has been giving me this message alot lately. Sometimes I trip over my perfectionism and feel bad that I didn’t accomplish much but he has been reminding me (with
    posts such as this one) that even when I get some things done, he notices and IT IS good. Thank you and blessings for your beautiful, uplifting blog.