Joining in the Mess!

That moment when you walk in a room and the kids have made a disaster of everything!!! Crayon marks on the wall, toys covering every square foot of carpet, pillows and clothes are strewn everywhere. Or maybe the kids decided to try out their cooking skills in the kitchen. Flour and water are covering the counters, eggs are cracked on the ground, the towels are thrown across the room and the floor is a sticky mess. In that moment you have a choice. You can blow up and yell at the kids, you can get mad and tell them every detail of what they had done wrong, or you can make a memory of it. That’s right a memory! Laugh at what they had TRIED to accomplish, take some pictures to post on Facebook 😉 or better yet join them in the mess! Make it an enjoyable experience one that you and the kids will never forget! =)
  • Janet Westrup

    Or after you play with them in it, you can give them each a sponge, mop, rag and a pail of warm water with vinegar in it and make them help you clean it up. I believe they will find it better not to make the mess again especially if this measure is done consistantly 🙂
    Don’t get mad, get glad!