Monotony & Drudgery


Day in day out, same old same old. Cleaning, folding, teaching, shopping, another Monday came and went, when will the monotony end? When will the drudgery of life as a mom and older sister end? We do the same things every week every day all year! What does it matter if we do it happily or sorrowfully?
IT MATTERS A LOT! Time and life will not wait. It is happening now. Your kids will look to you for life’s example. What will you show them? I remember as a little girl wanting to do everything and anything my mommy did. But then as I turned a little older I saw how she treated life at home as a “chore” (so to speak) as a burden. I didn’t want to be a MOM! Why would I? It did not look fun. But my moms life changed dramatically when I was about 14. And when she changed I CHANGED! We both saw homemaking in a whole new light and perspective. When you see life and home as a blessing your kids/siblings will too! Yes, we still have work, the same schedule, the same tasks everyday. But what we choose to do with the time and tasks we have been given is what will matter. The little moments, the little hugs and kisses, the little happy things that make life and everything around us more meaningful only happen when we have the right attitude, perspective, and vision! What are you living for? Being sorrowful or frustrated won’t change anything (except to dampen things around you). Being cheerful and accepting of what life offers will make a world of difference!!!


A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance,
But by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. Proverbs 15:13

  • Thank you. I needed to read this today. I’ve been like your momma was. I want to change so that my girls will change as well.

    Blessings to you from Harvest Lane Cottage,

    • By the grace of God anything can be accomplished! Pray for a spirit of servitude and look at motherhood/homemaking as a calling, a career rather than a wearisome duty… God bless!
      For God, for Family,

  • Jon

    Girls, I like what you have going here. I think realizing the importance of keeping the home as a sanctuary benefits all in that home. As a business owner in the house cleaning and maid service industry though I hope that people will want to give up some of the work in their home. Do you guys see a business like this a direct conflict with what you are saying here on this site? Basically, can a woman, mom, daughter, etc. still be the keeper of her home and still hire to help her with it? Or does that go against the beliefs? Just curious.

    Regardless, I think you girls are doing a cool thing in an “age of confusion” for everyone, especially young woman.

  • I LOVE being a keeper of the home! I enjoy keeping my home in order for the most part – of course there are one or two areas that I really do NOT enjoy. One of them is ironing! Ewww! – but has to be done. One day I was ironing – sorrowfully ;o) when I felt prompted to pray for the person whose shirt/skirt etc I was ironing. Although I can’t say I look forward to this weekly task, I do enjoy it more as it has godly purpose and I know that my family can only be blessed by being covered in prayer!

  • Tracey

    thank you for this post. As a wife of a soldier and grown children, my life can become lonely and boring…or so I think. I need to be reminded of the fact that I am the keeper of the home and to stay content within my heart.

    • No thank you! I will be praying for you and your family… I honor and respect all of our nations soldiers very much. Thank you again. God bless!

      For God, for Family,

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