Finding Beauty in Your Home

When your hair is frazzled and the house is a mess; when dinner isn’t cooked and the kids are hyper and creative (in a bad way) how do you see the beauty of homemaking? How do you see beauty in your calling? Ladies, you NEED TO LOOK FOR IT! Look for the little things in your home that make you happy. Look for smiles, look for color, look for GOD. Seeing the light of joy and innocence shine in your little boys eyes-that is beauty. When you see a sun ray bursting through a cloudy sky-that is beauty. When you see the kitchen in all its mess just think to yourself, “I am so proud that this kitchen is the heart of our home”-that is beauty. Beauty in Your Home can be found anywhere, especially when you least expect it!
So instead of seeing mess, disaster and catastrophe, look for beauty!