The Power of Our Prayers

A woman’s prayers are so important and precious to God and her family. The other day I kept reminding myself to pray for two specific things that were really weighing on my heart. Within the next 24 hours God had answered and blessed both of my prayer petitions! I am not saying that if you avidly pray that God will answer your prayers the next day; but rather there is power in our prayers! Whether God answers your prayers the way you expected or not -they are still meaningful and powerful. What could we as daughters or mothers pray for?

  • Pray for your family’s financial situation
  • Pray for your brothers, sisters, husband and unsaved relatives
  • Pray for your friends and other relationships
  • Pray for your country
  • Pray for your Pastor and church
  • Pray for your fellow workers

Make a Prayer List and write down things and people to pray for. By doing this, your taking the focus off of your self and focusing on others. I tend to pray for myself and my day and my problems while doing a morning devotional. But this only discourages me, makes me discontent and selfish. But when I focus my thoughts and prayers on others and on praising and extolling Jesus my day has reversed, making my family and relationship with Christ the center of my attention. =)


  • Emma P.

    Thank you for this reminder.