Your Kitchen~The Heart of Your Home

~The Kitchen Truly is the Heart of Home~
Everyone loves walking into the kitchen and finding something delicious or refreshing to eat. The most wonderful things are created in kitchens! Everyone walks in and out of the kitchen all day… (in my house at least) The kitchen is the most beautiful room in a house, why? Because so much goes on in there! Little tummies get fed, loved ones are blessed, lessons are learned, food is burned!  Therefore it is often the messiest and “hardest-to-keep-up” on room in the house. But don’t stress! Women always stress that there are dishes in the sink, syrup on the floor, play dough on the table ect. but what makes the kitchen the heart of the home is the heart of the manager (A.K.A you & your heart)! So if you spend all the day scurrying to keep up on the kitchen, making sure its clean and dishes are done, then you’ll miss out on all the joy that the kitchen produces when your heart is at peace. When you are at peace and just go with the flow then the cleaning and organization will fall into place in time. Do not ignore the cleaning of your kitchen, but just don’t fret and be frazzled about it all day!
Enjoy your Kitchen today ladies!

***Question*** What are your thoughts about your kitchen?