Join Us for an Event!!!

Hi Ladies,
We will be hosting an event on Facebook this Saturday first thing in the morning! We are having the 7th Goals for Girls 2013 devotional. We are so excited to be diving into the new topic called “Patience in Tribulation” this month!
Join us for this event on Fcaebook:
What is Goals For Girls? 
I made Goals for Girls a once a month event for a year… Goals for Girls 2013 is a special Facebook devotional for girls that God showed me to host. It will be a short bible study going through 5 key verses. Romans 12:9-13 Each month we will discuss and study one special phrase ex. “Let love be without hypocrisy” ect. Next month I will invite you to the next devotional. If you do not want to be a part of the devotional this year please decline and I will not re-add you to next months.

Girls this is important. PLEASE do not read the study if you do not have the time! I want you to be able to sit back relax and read… =) Please Feel free to come back and read the devotional any time though. Also you may add or invite girls you know to follow along with you.
I will post the link to the devo. that I wrote and you can click on it and read the study. See below for instructions supplies ect. Afterwards post your thoughts, any questions, testimonials, or verses that go a long with the study if you feel led too. =) Thanks and hope you all are blessed in the coming months through this study!

~ Instructions ~ 
1.The big BOLD Black letters are your instructions and involve you doing something, so be on the look-out.
2. Words in pink are key words
3.You don’t need to answer every question but feel free to.
And that is all! =)

For the study you will need:
Favorite pen
NKJV(if possible)
A hot cup of coffee/tea opt.
A quiet mind to concentrate! 😉
I am going to be using the New King James Version and ask that you do the same if possible! =)