Dreaming About Married Life…

Don’t spend your discontent moments daydreaming about married life. It happens to all of us. We become discontent and harried and look out over that pile of dirty dishes and sigh about the day when you’ll be able to be supper on the table for the man of your dreams- when there’s a guy in your life who needs you, not just to change his diaper or feed him his applesauce.

But…sowing habits of discontentment has two negative results. First, it takes our sights off of the here and now, and sucks the industry and joy out of today’s service. Second, it becomes a part of our character and demeanor that is sure to hinder us later in life.

Remember, this is not the only “waiting” season you will ever have to endure should the Lord bless us with husbands some day, we may wait for job transfers, moving opportunities, a biblically functioning church, the blessing of children…in every season of waiting, our response should be to rely on Christ as the true source of our joy.

-Excerpt from Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Baucham