A Young Lady’s Testimony

This is a testimony from a young lady on our blog. In regard to my article called “Where are all the godly men at?” (http://wp.me/P3yl1s-8S) she wrote this and gave me permission to post it.

Hi there Lisa =)

I could not agree with your sentiments more wholeheartedly, the reason being that I have learnt them to be true by experiencing this in my own life. For most of my younger teenage years, I would spring on any new attractive guy who came into my social circle as if he was prey. However, age 17 in January of last year, after another failed relationship, I decided that I was sick of behaving like this; thus I spent a year growing with the Lord, with Him on the throne of my heart. I laid down my desire to be married and asked God that His perfect timing prevail. And it did. Out of the blue only a year after my decision to get serious about the things of God, he brought an old acquaintance of twenty years of age into my life, and after a few months of growing in friendship and Godliness together, he made known his deep love for me and his intention to marry me. Since that day it has been six months, and I have not looked back once. Truly God’s plan is superior to man’s in every respect!

My encouragement to other believing young ladies is Psalm 37:4–’Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.’ Make Him your focus and not finding Mr Right. God has your future husband. Pray for him daily. Draw close to the Father and allow Him to prepare you to be that unique and perfectly suited help meet that your future husband needs. You will never regret this decision. Believe me, I have not yet.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!