My Dad’s Advice to Me About Love and Marriage

My Dad’s Advice to Me About Love and Marriage

Two weeks ago my dad and I went on an amazing trip to WA DC to visit family and see the monuments and capitol of our country. We had a fun time together and it was really special to spend so much time with my father.

While we were there walking around together my sweet dad took the opportunity of just him and I being together to talk to me seriously about life, love, courtship, and marriage. I was really grateful for the kind, calm, and loving way that he talked with me about it.  We had never really had to have conversations like that before but it was a really good and appropriate timing to have them now.

Two months ago I met a godly young man in my area and we’ve become good friends. My dad saw that we seemed to like each other and enjoyed hanging out and talking together, (along with our parents and siblings), at different events that our friends have hosted. So he decided to talk to me about it and see how I felt about him. I told him honestly that I really respect and admire this young man for godly character and mature, responsible, respectful ways. My dad agreed that those were all good things and liked them as well. He then gave me some good advice about being in a relationship with him if it was God’s will.

This, in a summary, is what my Dad told me:

-Firstly, pray!! Don’t rush into marriage without first making sure that this is the person God has for you!

-If this is the person that God has for you know that you will be with him for the rest of your life. Don’t ever get married and think that you can just get out of it if it doesn’t work out. Make sure that you can respect him and know that you will be called to submit to him and follow his lead.

-The Bible says that a virtuous woman is a price far above rubies. Ask God to help you become a godly woman that will be prized and valued by your future spouse.

– Help keep both yourself and your boyfriend pure while in a courtship by hanging out with other people in groups and getting to know each other in environments like that. Temptation to do the wrong thing will be less likely to come up if you are both having good, clean, fun with other friends and family near by. Be careful about your thoughts and actions toward and about him. (I can’t stress enough how important a pure, godly relationship is. I’m praying for that all the time)

-What you both look like on the outside will fade one day. Don’t love another person just because of their outward looks but rather for who they are inside. A godly person will not fade.

-In marriage, the hand-holding, kissing, and other physical stuff like that may make you happy and feel good for a while but that’s not what marriage and being in love is only  about. You want a man who will stay with you  and love you all your life long and who you will be able to love back for his whole life long. You want a person who is willing to lay down his life for you.

-Bring him to spend time with  your family and let them get to know him as well.  And vice-versa. Become friends with his family as well.

-And finally, come and talk to Dad and to my Mom whenever I need to. They have been there before and are ready to help and guide me.

I hope that you will find these things helpful and encouraging as well if you are going through a similar time in your life right now or are preparing for it. Talk to your mom and dad and possibly other godly couples as well whenever you need help or advice and always talk to God and ask him for his help and guidance in making one of the most important decisions of your life. God bless you ladies!

  • Jessica

    Hi Anna!
    Congrats on the new friendship you are making! Thank you for sharing your dad’s advice with us! It’s nice to hear a man’s view.
    On reading your “biography” I noticed we enjoy a lot of the same things!! I’d love to email you about some of the stuff you’re interested in, if that’s okay with you. 🙂

    • Anna C. Beane

      Hi Jessica! Nice to meet you. So glad you liked my post. Thanks so much for telling me so. That’s cool that we enjoy the some of the same things! 🙂 Yeah, we can email. I’ll send my address to you. 🙂 God bless!~Anna