Rocks At My Window

Rocks At My Window

There’s a song I listen to every now and then by Bridget Mendler called “Rocks at My Window.” The chorus goes like this:

“We can run away for the weekend

But I’m here alone

Wish you’d go throwing rocks at my window

We could count the stars from your car hood

But I’m here alone

Wish you’d go throwing rocks at my window.”


The theme of the song is a girl who just wants some excitement in her life, specifically some romantic excitement. She sits at home waiting and wishing that prince charming would hurry up and call her. But the song ends, and she’s still waiting. She’s still sitting there watching TV. Sure, the song has cute music, but I wonder if it is sending the best message?

What if instead of sitting at home on a Friday she was doing something? Does she need a man to give her something to do with her Friday? What if she invited some girl friends over to catch up? Maybe she could go do some volunteer work at the local soup kitchen. As courageous women of God we are not called to sit around waiting. We are called to be doers in the Kingdom of God.

This will look different for every one of us and will especially vary with our age, but please, don’t let your life look like waiting. Don’t wait for it to stop raining, don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait for a better idea, and don’t wait around for prince charming. The only thing you should be waiting for is God’s approval. And the minute you have that, take off running!


  • I love that! You never know what awesome encounters God is going to being your way when you’re busy doing something constructive for Him. Reminds me of how Rachel found her husband Jacob while she was outside “watering her flock of sheep.”