A Promise Box for Your Future Husband

A Promise Box for Your Future Husband

Married life. No one knows what it is like until they’ve been married. It can be rewarding, promising, challenging and surprising in many ways. Right now, you’re either single or in a relationship and all you know is your day-to-day life. But did you know that your future husband needs to hear from you right now? From the girl that you are on this day. He wants to know what you’re like. What you struggle with. What you find pleasure in doing, ect. How does one do that though when you don’t even know who your future husband is? That’s when the idea of a “Promise Box” hit me.

A promise box is something that the Lord inspired me to start working on a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed working on it so much that I wanted to share the idea with you! The idea is simple but it has incredible benefits.

What is a Promise Box?

The idea is to find a box (or make one, I hear Pinterest is pretty helpful in this area) and fill it with promises, notes, scribbles and thoughts for your future husband. I used an old, vintage, leather box that I found at Goodwill.

I put into context and further detail a few ideas below.

What To Put in Your Promise Box

  1. Love notes-Be sure to leave lots of love notes in this box. You never know when he could be reading these. On a bad day in your marriage or on a good day. So tell him what’s going on in your life, like a special diary just to him. Tell him what you want for him and from him. Tell him you love him.
  2. Quotes-Find some cool quotes or Bible verses. These could be love quotes, famous quotes or even excerpts from songs that you love. Find some encouraging Bible verses to leave for him as well. Just fill this box with lots of beautiful little scribbles from your heart.
  3. Poems-Duh. These are my favorite! Okay, I don’t know if the guys will like them as much as the girls do but it’s worth a shot. Put some beautiful love poems in there for him. Who knows? Maybe he will love them! Try writing one of your own too?
  4. Prayers-Write out some prayers for you and your husband. Prayers for your relationship and your lives. You don’t have to know what is going on in the future to know how to pray. Pray for your marriage, pray for wisdom, pray for your husband. Anything that the Lord lays on your heart to pray about, write it down and fill that box with them! (You can also do our “Prayers for Your Future Husband 14 Day Journey” and fill it with those as well.)
  5. Promises-These are very similar to wedding vows, only shorter. This is what it’s all about. Write out a promise to your future beloved when one comes to mind. Such as: “I promise to always believe in you”. “I promise to encourage you”, “I promise to follow you”, “I promise to honor you”, ect. After you write a promise go on to continue writing out why you promise that or how you will strive to keep the promise. It’s a very special, beautiful process. It will help encourage you and your future husband.

Now that you know what to put in it, how does it work?

The purpose of this lovely little box is just to let it be a gift. A gift or love and care to your future husband. After your wedding, you can give it to him. Let him open it up and explore it but basically it’s for him to open and read whenever he sees it in his room, when you are going through troublesome times, when the flame of new love is not as bright as it once was, so that he can go back and remember how much you care about him.

You can start on this box whenever you want, no matter how old you are, regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship or not. I am sure the man you marry will love hearing about the days in your life long before he came into the picture.

If you’re engaged, write about your love story. Tell him your thoughts about it, remembering when you first met, ect. Write whenever something comes to mind to remind you of your future marriage. This could even be a good idea if you are already married and are thinking of an early Christmas gift!

Find some pretty paper to write on, and set your box and the paper in an easy place to see so that you remember to work on it whenever you can. There’s no certain time or day that you need to add something to your box-just anytime it comes to mind.

I hope you are as excited to work on this box as much as I am. Ask God for inspiration. 

What do you think of this idea? What will you put in your promise box? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  • Bonnie Smithies

    This is such a cute idea! I started writing some letters to my future husband a few months ago. Now I’m excited to write poems, prayers, quotes etc to add to the collection! Thank you for the lovely ideas.

    • Lisa Hallahan

      Yes! It is so fun to do. Good luck and God bless!

  • Elizabeth Williams

    What a great idea! I will definitely have to consider doing this!

    • Lisa Hallahan

      Yay! I hope you’re able to. God bless!

  • Miccah Bowen

    I love this idea very much! I’ve done the 14 days of prayer for my future husband but I have continued those prayers! I have also been writing letters to my future husband!! It would be a lot better to have a beautiful box than a folder to keep those in!

    • Lisa Hallahan

      Very cool! I’m sure it will be a great success! God bless.

  • Isabelle

    This is so AWESOME!!! A couple years ago for Vallentines day I decorated a little wooden box for my future husband and wrote a little letter for him. I also wrote one on my birthday and when I did the Prayers for your future husband challenge I put those on there too. Then I just kept puttin little notes or verses or lyrics in the box too. I’m excited to try your other ideas! I hope he’ll be really blessed by it. 🙂

    • Lisa Hallahan

      I’m sure he will love it! Keep up the good work!

  • India Alexis Williams

    This is really awesome! I have actually written a few letters to my future husband and I pray for him very often!! I love the idea of putting all this in a box for him to open one day… our wedding day! I will even continue putting things in there to keep it fresh and to keep him encouraged! I am so excited and so ready to see how God moves through me in doing this for my future hubby!

    • Lisa Hallahan

      That’s a great idea! I hope it will be a source of major inspiration and blessing in his life and yours. Good luck and God bless!

  • Marlee

    Such a great idea!!! I will have to start something like this soon (and keep it up!). Hopefully I can remember to keep doing it when I start. :-/ 🙂

    • Lisa Hallahan

      I hope you will be able to add to it whenever you can. Even if it’s just once in a little while. =) God bless!

  • Hannah

    Such a neat idea! Definatly something I’d like to do. 🙂

    • Lisa Hallahan


  • Alinda

    I’m super excited about my promise box. I’m hunting for my box already. Can’t wait to start. I’m praying for inspiration for what to put in my box. This is a brilliant idea.

    • Lisa Hallahan

      Yay! I’m glad you are going to try it! I bet it will be a huge success! =)

  • Oooooh, I’m totally doing this!!! Eeee I can’t wait!

  • Hope N. Tabing

    Woow! great! it is something we can do to already include that future man that God will provide in the day-to-day picture of our life even long before meeting him. I’ll be praying for this and try to create one “personalize promise box” Thanks Lisa 🙂

  • Sabrina Gauer

    So funny story about my promise box…I started one 5 years ago, and was going to give it to my future husband someday…but my apartment was robbed the other night and the box was taken. Pretty sure the thief thought that there might be money or something in it- surprise on them I’m sure when they opened it! I’ve been so sad about it, but also thankful that God protected me. Guess that will be a story to tell my future husband one day!! :p