The Lies in the Mirror

The Lies in the Mirror

The car pulled in the driveway, I got out and walked into the house and went up to my room. I looked in the mirror at myself and let out a heavy sigh. How could I have left the house looking that way?

Why are my legs so big?

Why is my hair so flat?

Why can’t I keep a clear face?

The list of what was wrong with my image ran through my mind a million miles per hour. I couldn’t stop judging myself and thinking of what was wrong with my outward appearance.

No matter how hard I tried to look prettier, my mind could never accept that what I looked like was enough. I could never be good enough for myself. I felt like this for 2 years. At one point in my life, I came very close to being anorexic. I tried making myself sick so that I would be skinny enough for myself to be satisfied with my own body. Even though I was an average weight, I wanted to be skinnier. I hated myself.

When I looked in the mirror it was as if I saw a big, ugly, unhealthy, person instead of the girl who God had made me to be.

Have you ever heard lies pouring into your mind when you look in the mirror? Do you believe those lies when you hear them?

The best thing to do when you hear those lies is to recognize them for what they are. Lies. Then name the lies so that you really get the idea of what they are. After that, you need to quench those lies with truth.

This is how God helped me overcome this major stage of depression and unhealthy thinking pattern in my life.

1. Recognize that what you are thinking or feeling when you look into the mirror that is not coming from God is a LIE. 

Here are some of the most prominent lies that women hear when they look in the mirror or compare themselves to others.

Lie number one: You are not good enough.

When we compare our body image to that of others this sparks the biggest, ugliest, most unhealthy lie of all. We can’t help but think about it and believe it though. How can we ignore the images, the magazines, the videos, the continual outpouring of messages that flood our days with women that supposedly look prettier than we do. Comparing our bodies to these women is not only hurtful, but it is a waste of time. There will always be people to compare ourselves to. But it is wrong. When we compare ourselves to others we are judging what God has made us to be. We are not satisfied with His creation. We want more.

Imagine getting everything you want. Imagine if you did  have the perfect body that you want. Do you think you would be completely satisfied for the rest of your life? Do you think all of the celebrities and models that are held in such high regard by society are totally confident and satisfied? I don’t think so.

No matter what happens in life, apart from God we will never be truly happy or satisfied. It’s just human nature 101. We will always desire more.

The lie that says we are not good enough comes from insecurity or not knowing our true worth in Christ. It comes from constantly degrading ourselves and thinking that pretty, skinny, sexy girls are better than us. The lie just grows bigger and bigger. We begin to hear this lie all of the time, even when we aren’t looking in a mirror. It’s time to shut down this lie! No more. Stop listening to the voice that says “your face is plain”, “you are over weight”, “your skin is too pale” ect. Don’t listen to that voice.

Instead, kill it with truth!

2. Quench the Lies with Truth. 

For every lie that you hear, you must destroy it with the truth that God speaks to you.

Remember lie number one? “You are not good enough?” Well, here is truth number one.

Truth number one: You are more than enough.

Jesus says in Matthew 6:24-33 that we are not to be anxious about how we look. 
“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”

Why do you think Jesus died for you? Because He loves you. He wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t want to see you wasting away wishing for the perfect body, the perfect lifestyle. He gave you what you have, your every breath is a blessing! He thinks your worth is more than enough, that is how much He loves you.

What does this have to do with beauty?

God loves beauty. He does not make flawed things. He made you the way you are and He thinks your beautiful. Your standard of beauty is much different from God’s, but do you think your opinion of yourself is more important than God’s? We form our beauty standards by what we see around us. What we feed our minds with.

God’s beauty standard is so much greater and purer than ours because His view isn’t tainted with the standards of the world like ours is. So, if He calls us beautiful, then we really, truly are.

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

Lie Number Two: Men Don’t Like Girls Who Aren’t Hot

I think this is an underling fear that many single girls face. Even though they are absolutely beautiful to their friends and family, they might not think so. They fear that since they aren’t in a relationship or being pursued by any guys that they aren’t “pretty enough”. While this lie is very untrue its logic is also very shallow.

The kind of men that like “hot” girls and ignore the other girls are not worth being jealous of. They aren’t worth us needing their attention. We need to find our own worth apart from the comments, and opinions of others. We shouldn’t base our happiness or find our image worth in men. This is a form of idolatry. We need to be confident in who Christ is, and fin dour worth in Him and in what He has done for us and saved us from.

Truth Number Two: You Are Beautiful Aside From What Others Think

When God becomes all we need and when our daily walk with God becomes a love relationship then His opinion will be the only one we care about. 

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:1-2

We are daily being transformed into the image of God. He is making us beautiful according to what He want’s us to be. We must listen for His voice alone. His plans are perfect.

God will bring you a man who sees you the way He sees you-beautiful, and perfect, and wonderfully made.

I would not consider myself as “hot” or very beautiful. As a matter of fact I pride myself in being a “plain Jane”. That is because God gave me confidence in who I am because I decided to listen for His voice when I looked in the mirror. He pointed out my green/blue eyes, my few freckles, my fair skin, my short nose and my  rounder bone structure. After I saw that this too was beautiful I stopped worrying about what I thought I lacked. The same can be done for you.

Do you see the pattern here? 

Recognize that the negative thoughts that come to mind when you see yourself in the mirror are lies. Then, name the lies that are most prominent in your mind and cover them with the truth that God speaks into you life. And if all you can hear are lies then you need to take the necessary steps to shutting out the voice where the lies are coming from (i.e. social media, music, movies, PINTEREST!). This way it is easier to hear from God instead of from the world.

I bet there are way more lies that women believe about themselves when they look in the mirror.

-What are some of the lies that you hear when you see yourself?
-What is a good scripture or truth that you can quench it with the next time you look in the mirror?

I would like to hear your responses! God bless.

Lisa Sig.1




  • Lydia Moesner

    Thank you so much for this post. Your blog is so inspirational, spiritual, and helpful to me. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Wow this is a beautiful post! I can relate to it a lot too. 🙂 Thank-you!

    • Lisa Hallahan

      I am so glad it blessed you, Hannah! God is good.

  • Gabby Knight

    The questions that i often ask myself everyday while I look in the mirror are “why do i have a ugly smile?, why do my legs have to be so fat!?, why am i fat?” And for a long time that it all I was hearing. The questionable lies. But it took me a little while to figure out (with God’s help) that I’m really pretty. I’ve been told I was pretty by friends, family, but I guess I kind of knew but was always pushing it out of my head and letting the lies in instead. I almost went anterextic. I was on the brink, I thought I was so fat, and instead of maybe losing the weight the healthy way, I just didn’t ever eat, and it came to the point where I literally couldn’t eat because my body wasnt ever hungry. It came down to my dad forcing me to eat and me having some health issues that I noticed that what I was doing wasn’t healthy for me, physically, or mentally. Yes, I lost about 20 pounds, but that wasn’t good, and Im so glad I realized that. I’m doing a lot better now, healthy and well. But I know still, often times have that voice in my head saying I’m ugly or fat. But I always realize that I’m not. I push that out of my head and remember what God thinks of me and how wonderfully made I am!! I have to go back to scripture sometimes to remind me of that, but I know now that l, for a fact, I’m a child of God! And I’m amazing in His eyes. 🙂

    • Lisa Hallahan

      Dear Gabby,

      I am so happy that this article was helpful to you. It must have been scary during that time in your life. I know it was scary for me. But praise the Lord that He delivered us both. I pray that you will continue to listen to His voice and His opinion of you. Much love, God bless!

      • Gabby Knight

        Yes, thank you! God bless!! 😉

  • Trudy

    Well. This is nice article. I am university student and I´m living with one my friend. She is so beautiful!! And with her I feel so ugly, not pretty enough. And then I see that boys like her much more. Just because she is that kind of girl to be liked or admired beacuse she is pretty. And when the boy I like has indicated he likes her I felt absolutely broken! How can I believe that there is something pretty on me …I don´t see the reason because it seems to me everytime when I try to tell myself I am good enough like I am lying to myself. Nothing convinces me it´s true. No people, no things, no situations. I really try to find some beauty but I think there is nothing on me. Maybe this feels little pessimistic but I don´t thing it´s lie when I see in the mirror my thin hair which do not look good almost in any style, when I see my acne that is still visible under a layer of makeup, my big nose etc. I think it´s all true what I see. My hair really IS thin. I just fight with this almost whole my life…

    • Daisy R.

      Aw I can’t imagine being in your shoes (losing your crush to another). It must be so difficult! But I do know what it’s like believing you’re not beautiful. I’m in the same boat! But I encourage you to remember what God defines as beautiful- “the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s eyes is very precious.”- 1 Pet 3:4 This type of beauty is so much more valuable and lovely! It will not wrinkle or fade. So anyway, we may not be drop dead gorgeous but we can be set apart by our inner beauty.

      PS I’m sorry about your crush 🙁 … remember any guy worth fighting for will also fight for you!