Project Modesty Plus Free Giveaway!

Project Modesty Plus Free Giveaway!

“But everyone else is wearing it, mom! I don’t want to stand out like a super weirdo,” I said through distressed tears.

This was me having a small meltdown. Scratch that. A major meltdown.

My mom wasn’t super excited about the shirt I was wearing and was encouraging me to put on something more modest. I was thirteen years old at this point and didn’t care about modesty at all. I wasn’t interested in “being different” and dressing like a frumpy old lady. To me, modesty meant grandma garb.

I rebelliously argued with her for awhile, then finally gave in and changed my shirt.

As a young teenage girl I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be trendy. I wanted guys to notice me. I wanted other girls to like me. In my mind, dressing modestly would basically ruin all of that.

For several years I gave in to my parent’s wishes for me to dress modestly simply because they were my parents. I had to obey. I didn’t want to obey. Modesty wasn’t my conviction, it was my parents’. I was only playing the part.

Okay girls, let’s be real for a minute. How often have you done something simply because your parents made you do it?

How often have you obeyed on the outside, but hated every second of it on the inside? That was me.

Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of Christian parents force their daughters to do something (like dress modestly) and the daughter hated it. Guess what happened when the daughter left home? Yep. She instantly changed her wardrobe fashion to reflect her true heart. She immediately ditched the modest clothes and wore whatever she felt like.

Her parents were left wondering “what went wrong? Why did our daughter abandon her ‘Christian’ convictions?”

Well…newsflash. She never had the convictions to begin with.

And that is exactly what my parents didn’t want to happen with me or my four younger sisters. They weren’t interested in forcing us to look like perfect little Christian girls. They were interested in teaching us to think for ourselves.

As a result of this mindset, my parents rarely enforced any kind of rule without sharing the “why” behind the rule.

“Girls,” they would say, “we want you to dress modestly because we believe it honors God.”

They would expand on what modesty was and why it mattered.

As I reached my mid-high school years, something crazy happened.

I started to think for myself!

I started reading dozens of solid Christian books and learned what other Christian men and women had to say about modesty. To my utter shock, the Holy Spirit began opening my eyes and changing my desires. I began to see the value of dressing modestly. I began to see the purpose for wearing modest clothing.

Slowly but surely I adopted the “modesty conviction” for myself. As I graduated high school guess what happened? I didn’t go off the deep-end with my wardrobe. I didn’t abandon everything my parents ever taught me.

I continued to dress fashionably and modestly, because I wanted to. I had the personal conviction.

Listen girls.

When it comes to being a Christian, you have to think for yourself.

You have to learn to read the Bible and gain your own convictions about what you believe. Don’t piggy back on your parents. It doesn’t last.

Say hello to Project Modesty.  

Project Modesty has been on my heart for a long *long* time. As a result of my past modesty journey and personal study I’ve become passionate and excited about helping girls understand that modesty doesn’t have to be boring and old fashioned.

Because of the major misconception so many of us have had (and still have) on modesty, I (along with my sister Bethany) decided to create a video and e-book to help set the record straight. These two resources are truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They are the tools I wish I had earlier in my own life.

My prayer is that this e-book and video will change your perspective on modesty and give you fresh inspiration on how to incorporate fashion into your wardrobe.

Project Modesty E-book

This e-book is the best of anything we (Kristen and Bethany) have ever written on the topic of modesty. It’s basically our dream for a book on modesty made into a reality.

By reading Project Modesty you will…

  • Understand the reasons behind why modesty is so important to God.
  • See dozens of inspiring photos of Kristen, Bethany and their three sisters displaying fashionably modest outfits.
  • Learn numerous tips on how to transform immodest clothing into something beautiful and modest.
  • Hear honest thoughts from Christian guys about why modesty is a blessing to them.
  • BONUS: Peek inside Kristen and Bethany’s swimwear wardrobe and learn how to take modesty to the water.
  • BONUS: Free “Modesty Mirror Check” PDF download.

This e-book has 13 chapters and is jam packed with everything you could ever want to know on the topic of modesty.

Project Modesty Video

This video will give you a taste of what you will find inside of the e-book. If you enjoy the video we know you will love the e-book. The video is the two of us, along with our three younger sisters, showing our tips, tricks, and favorite looks for modest clothing.

We take you through the main pieces of clothing (i.e. shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses) and show you how to style those pieces, as well as show you how to make difficult pieces work.

Whoever said modesty had to be boring obviously didn’t know what they were talking about.

And this video proves that.

Our hope is that this video and e-book will leave you feeling more inspired and excited than you’ve ever felt about modesty before.

Purchase the Book – Project Modesty: How to Honor God With Your Wardrobe While Looking Totally Adorable in the Process

Free E-book Giveaway

We are going to giveaway two free e-books to two of you sweet girls. To enter the giveaway simply comment below and share why you want a copy! You will then be automatically entered for your chance to win our brand new e-book. This giveaway will end at midnight on the 8th of November and the winners will be announced at noon on the 9th!

Good luck and God bless!