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About Us


The Beauty

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m no one special but I’m glad you came to my blog! I just want to talk a little about what this blog is all about and why it’s here. I began A Lovely Calling in 2011 as a little Facebook page to encourage my friends. From there God has grown and expanded the following but the heart behind the ministry is the same.

I am the only writer, contirbuter and administrator and because of that I’m not continually on schedule with posts etc. I love hearing from girls in emails and online here and I love talking to them and listening to their real life problems. I like to form relationships through this blog because I don’t have a lot of friends as it is! This blog is for me to write my thoughts, experiences and words the Lord puts on my heart to share. Jesus is a huge part of my life, my walk with Him ripples into my life and relationships with others. Therefore this blog is to bring glory to Him and to share what He puts on my heart for others.

This blog is not here for people to read the articles and feel condemned or ashamed. I don’t claim to know everything about leading a perfect Christian life. I’ve messed up, I’ve made mistakes, I’m a failure as you will quickly find out if you read any of my articles! But those mistakes have turned into life lessons that I want to share with others. 

I think girls these days need help. There are too many influences, too many voices pulling them this way and that. I know because I’m a girl in this day and age-I need help! But I need real help. I need honest, solid truth in my life. I don’t want to hear anymore of the perfect christianese teaching. I know that you women are smart and need to hear real advice. No more sugar coating. No more fake counsel. No more biblical “prescriptions”.

Gods word is living and breathing and sharper than any two edged sword. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever! Let’s turn to the WORD. Let’s hear what God really has to say to us girls and women today. We don’t need to feel lost today. We don’t need to feel misfit. We need to feel confident, radiantly beautiful. There is beauty in Gods Word. There is beauty in His Calling for us! For you. Let’s discover what it is together. And remember, I’m no pro! I’m just like you. Taking each day one at a time, learning from, leaning on, and loving God with my whole heart. Will you join me?