A Closely Knit Group

“The family should be a closely knit group. The home should be a self-contained shelter of security; a kind of school where life’s basic lessons are taught; and a kind of church where God is honored; a place where wholesome recreation and simple pleasures are enjoyed.”~ Billy Graham

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True Beauty

“There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” 
― Thomas Wolfe

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Her Feet Would not Stay at Home

“She was loud and rebellious, Her feet would not stay at home.” Proverbs 7: 11 
I remember when I could not wait to leave home and become an “accomplished” business woman and have an office in New York City or somewhere…I knew what God had called me to be (a stay-at-home-daughter and keeper of my home, preparing to be a homemaker and future wife and mother), but I did NOT want to accept that. I..

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The Best to your Ability?

Do the best to your ability. That phrase kind of puts a limitation on what you can do. What if doing the best to your ability isn’t enough? Can we push ourselves further? What if looking “good enough” or godly to others doesn’t cut it for you deep down? The question is are you giving it your all? Are you striving for your highest performance? Or are you just getting by by doing your best? I..

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I Would Gather Children

I Would Gather Children

Some would gather money
Along the path of life;
Some would gather roses,
And rest from worldly strife.

But I would gather children
From among the thorns of sin;
I would seek a golden curl,
And a freckled, toothless grin.

For money cannot enter
In that land of endless day;
And roses that are gathered
Soon will wilt along the way.

But, oh, the laughing children,
As I cross the sunset..

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Acting on your Convictions

Don’t ignore what God is trying to tell you…Sometimes when God is trying to tell me to do something and I don’t want to listen, I just ignore what He wants me to do. I shut Him out. Or I brush it aside and try to hear what I want to hear from the Lord. But the Lord is so persistent! He won’t let me rest and He won’t rest until I hear Him out and act on what He tells me to do. I will leave and..

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My Year for Love?

My Year for Love?

Well girls, we’ve made it through another year. We have high hopes for this year, the same as we did last year right? We’re hoping that this year we will have better relationships with our families, grow closer to the Lord and secretly, we wish that this would be the year that we fall in love.

Every girl wishes she could fall into a romantic, passionate, sparks-fly, “love is in the air”..

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