Goals for Girls 2013

What is Goals for Girls 2013?

Goals for Girls is a once a month event for a year… Goals for Girls 2013 is a special Facebook devotional for girls that God showed us to host. It will be a short bible study going through 5 key verses. Romans 12:9-13 Each month we will discuss and study one special phrase in those verses: ex. “Let love be without hypocrisy” ect. we will be hosting the next devotional.  Join us or follow along on our Facebook page to receive this special encouragement just for girls!

Girls this is important. PLEASE do not read the study if you do not have the time! I want you to be able to sit back relax and read… =) Please feel free to come back and read the devotional any time though. Also you may add or invite girls you know to follow along with you.
Here are all the devotionals so far. Hope you all are blessed in the coming months through this study!


#10 Hospitality










#9 Distributing to the Needs of the Saints








#8 Continuing Steadfastly in Prayer








#7 Patience in Tribulation

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#6 ~Rejoicing in Hope







#5 ~Diligence and Serving the Lord









#4 Take Delight in Honoring Each Other


#3 Be Kindly Affectionate one to another with Brotherly Love


#2 Abhor what is Evil; Cling to what is Good


#1 Let Love be without Hypocrisy