Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

winter-shoot-2Lisa Hallahan

A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Lisa! I am so glad you stopped by this website. I pray a blessing on everyone who is blessed or encouraged by this ministry that God has established. I am the oldest daughter of 7 kids, all home schooled and born into an awesome family! I’m 21 and am from the beautiful, wild, mountainous country of Montana. Most say “home is where the heart is” and my heart is in the mountains, it always has been.

I love going on hikes, taking picnics on hills covered in wildflowers, going on horseback rides through the forests, rock climbing, and playing sports with my family and friends on sunny days. I love the 20 acres of land we have at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I love gardening and planting flowers, baking on hot and cold days, setting the table for a lovely dinner and basically enjoying the life God has given us here in Montana!

A Little About My Family

God has been so good as to bless me with a great family and wonderful parents. However, when I turned 13 my dad was diagnosed with a serious mental disability. Since then my two brothers and I supported our mom who became the sole provider of our family at the time. Now, my older brother Josh, and younger brother, Caleb, own and operate a fantastic web design company ( and have been very blessed to be prosperous in that line of work! It turns out they both had the talent for it!

(P.S. Our younger brother, Micah was taking the picture so he’s not in it…)

Starting A Lovely Calling

In 2011 I had the idea to start a Facebook Page (when they were just starting to become popular). I thought it would be neat to post inspirational quotes and Bible verses for women but nothing more than that. Slowly, I kinda gave up on the idea. But in January of 2013 I went to a Passion Conference and rededicated my heart to the Lord. I had been running from completely surrendering my life to Him, but He gently pursued me. I ran into His arms and never turned back. After I came home from the conference I jumped back into the online ministry God had called me to and things really swept off after that. I eventually started a blog then I started writing longer posts which turned into blog articles and ever since then, God has just took full charge with the ministry. He has opened and closed doors along the way and I am so surprised with how much the Lord has allowed this little community of women to grow!

I eventually want to author a book and start a women’s conference for young ladies with a passion to pursue Christ and His calling for their life. With the reader’s help and God’s guidance, I can’t wait to get there! I love you all for your support and love. Keep reading, keep sharing, and keep growing in grace! God’s blessings on you and yours.

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  • Delmaine Van Niekerk

    You all are such young beautiful ladies. I am forever grateful that i stumbled across your FB page and now have the privilidge of browing your website! powerful indeed! be blessed my sisters forever and a day

  • tracy

    i love u guys….u lift me up so much..keep spreading the gospel

  • Katha

    Appreciate your commitment to God ! Women like you are a blessing.
    Warmest greetings from Germany:)

  • oby onyeabor

    Thank you ladies for answering the call and creating this blog, your labor of love will surely be rewarded. keep on the good work!!!

  • thanks ladies! i just stumbled over your blog through a friend and absolutely love it! great posts!

  • Courtney

    What a beautiful and inspiring blog! It really is nice to hear that two of you ladies homeschooled. I’m a freshmen and I’ve homeschooled since I was in the fourth grade. I can say it is a such priveledge to be in a godly enviorement all day instead of the other;) Thank you ladies for being a encouragement to other ladies around the world through yoour blog!
    God Bless!

  • amanda cammack

    such an amazing blog 🙂 very encouraging!

  • Aleksandra Miljevic

    Love this blog! May God bless this ministry 😊💌

  • Katalin Gulyás


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