Our Mission

Our Mission


Our Mission

Our ministry used to have the name “Young Keepers of the Home” and though that phase ran its course, we have not changed that much. We changed the name of the ministry solely because there is more to Godly Womanhood than just striving to be the perfect homemaker and the “number one” housewife. It’s more than that. It’s what I like to call the “whole package”.

The whole package is embracing God’s lovely calling for your life. As a woman we should pursue biblical femininity with all passion and put our whole hearts into discovering what God wants us to do in our brief time on this earth.


When you look at women in the world nowadays, what do you see? I see a world of women with their hearts dead set AGAINST God. Even Christian women don’t set a standard of Godly character. The way I see it there are three types of girls:

1. The girls who don’t know any better and slip easily into the worldliness of our day and age. They are young and have no biblical guidance in their lives. They, like many of us, follow the crowd (sometimes down the path of destruction)

2. Then there are the quiet girls, who still dream, who still want the life every girl wanted when they were little: to be a mommy and to raise a family, to have respect and be a beautiful woman of God without all the feminist arguments being pointed at them day and night. But the quiet girls don’t know how or when they should strive after their dream when so many other girls around them idolize celebrities, secular lifestyles and Victoria’s Secret.

3. Then there are the Christian girls whose moms have taught them Gods dreams and desires for women who seek Him wholeheartedly without restraint or stained vision of a biblical lifestyle. However, there are no girls their age encouraging that calling.  Only the older women tell them that this is right. The other girls run with the crowd, so why shouldn’t they?


BUT what if… what if there was a whole generation, a whole group of young girls (their age) girls who knew what true biblical femininity and virtuous womanhood really meant in the eyes of the Lord? What if all the girls around them went back to the days when being a godly woman was the most important, most honorable, most worthy job in the world, and actually encouraged them in it? What would happen?


Well I only pray and hope that that generation starts with me and you. God has established A Lovely Calling, a ministry online and through writing to help girls and young women, the quiet ones, the girls who don’t know any better, the secular girls who need a new perspective, and the Christian girls who are scared to make an endeavor on their own.  We want to help them see that being a woman after God’s Heart is the highest calling anyone could ask for.  BUT WE CAN NOT DO IT ALONE.  We need help and words of wisdom from other girls with the same ambition.


All we need is the right mindset and vision for Godly Womanhood in the 21st century. You cannot start a business without a vision for what it might be someday. You cannot build a skyscraper without an image of what it will look like after construction. You need the blueprints. Well, A Lovely Calling is here to build a Godly vision for women and girls to view their calling as beautiful, sacred, and LOVELY. Once girls, and men alike, can look at Biblical Femininity and homemaking with a beautiful vision (like God’s), then the world can and will change!

You might call it wishful thinking, but I call it a revolution. You might say “impossible”, but I say that anything is possible with God and it starts with you, allowing God to use you in any way He sees fit. It starts in the home; it starts with a broken and contrite heart.


Godly Womanhood and being a Christian girl in a secular world is more than what our friends say we should be doing, it’s more than what all of the books and professors say we should be-it’s embracing who God calls us to be! Becoming a Godly woman starts and ends with the attitude of our hearts.

We are here to help! And though we don’t have it all “figured out” and we aren’t super religious or wise we simply have a heart to share God’s Word.

A Lovely Calling will be exploring topics such as:

  • Issues of the Heart
  • Homemaking
  • Daughterhood
  • Home Life
  • Men and Women
  • Relationships
  • Modesty
  • Godly Femininity & So much more!

So, join us in journeying deeper to the Heart of Christ through the Lovely Calling of being Virtuous Women desperately passionate for God!

Thank you for supporting us and loving the Lord so much. We know that it’s your desire to grow closer to the heart of your Savior. It’s ours too. That’s why we have to stick together and encourage one another in His words and grow this community of like-minded sisters in the Spirit! We look forward to getting to know all of you and blessing you.





  • Elizabeth Jarman

    This is a wonderful website… I was watching a movie and just decided to randomly type how to prayer for your future husband and this website came up. I read the whole 14 days and am going to print if off so i can read one each day. Each prayer brought be to tears because that is exactly what i pray and want as a woman and a believer. Lately Ive been feeling kinda blah in in spiritual life and this websites it just so refreshing. I can’t wait to read the rest of the website. You ladies speak the truth with power and authority and I want to thank you because that is an area God has been showing he calling me too. Ive been shy throughout my life and never been a risk taker, but God has slowly helped be overcome fear of what people think. I think this website will be very beneficial to me. Thank you so vey much! You are a beautiful blessing!

  • AnnieJ

    I love this mission

  • AnnieJ

    So like I was looking for a scripture to pray for my future man…I am 23 years old and I have been believing God for a godly man for years now…I promised myself and God not to have sexes till marriage…along the way I notice that my sexual desires was increasing …when I met guys they want to have sexes and when I said no, they will ignore me and stop talking to me..once again I am hurts and rejected for my decision to stay true to God’s word…there were times I give into my sexual desires by watching sexual movies ..inside of me I felt bad cuz I know it was wrong..Then I finally told myself this need to stop..my deepest heart desire is to please God in all I do..So then I made the decisions to get rid of movies that doesn’t glorify God, and secular movies that will cause me to think impurity thoughts and have such desires for ungodly things ….I am in that place where I have made up my mind to pursue holiness at all costs…I am now spending more time in the word of God more than ever, praising and worshipping God as well as thanksgiving for his sustaining spirit and grace. I felt so clean inside of me..the word of God do the cleaning and I am not going back to the old self …Jesus will purify you if you invite him daily..But I was so thankful when I came across your posts..thank you they are very helpful and encouraging.lam still waiting patiently for my future man….no sexes with any man yet and I thank God for his grace.