Being Outgoing With Guys Without Being a Flirt

Being Outgoing With Guys Without Being a Flirt

Here he comes, Mr. Wonderful is walking towards you. He is everything you’ve waited for. He is handsome, he plays on your father’s worship team, he has an endearing smile, and he knows your name. But what will you do to make sure he likes you back? To secure a friendship (or even better: a relationship!) with him?

I know that this seems like a silly scenario but honestly, how many times have we all had that fleeting feeling when we notice a guy we like? Sometimes, we condemn ourselves for feeling this way because we are supposed to leave all of that romance stuff up to God and our parents.

But are we to just sit back and let the guy do all the hard work of figuring out if we are worth pursuing or not?

Are we to be standoffish, quiet and discreetly shy until he proposes? I would like to say forthrightly, NO!

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