Making Your Family’s Joy Your Goal

Today, make your family’s joy your greatest goal. Make your sister smile.
Help your brother laugh. Let your mother rest. Make your father proud.
Really try! Set hourly goals in your head and strive to fulfill them.
Only Jesus can help you accomplish this though.You can do nothing on your own.
Ask Him to be a shinning example and light through you. Good luck!


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Dreaming About Married Life…

Don’t spend your discontent moments daydreaming about married life. It happens to all of us. We become discontent and harried and look out over that pile of dirty dishes and sigh about the day when you’ll be able to be supper on the table for the man of your dreams- when there’s a guy in your life who needs you, not just to change his diaper or feed him his applesauce.

But…sowing habits of..

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The Power of Our Prayers

A woman’s prayers are so important and precious to God and her family. The other day I kept reminding myself to pray for two specific things that were really weighing on my heart. Within the next 24 hours God had answered and blessed both of my prayer petitions! I am not saying that if you avidly pray that God will answer your prayers the next day; but rather there is power in our prayers!..

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Are Your Dreams His Dreams?

 Is your will Gods own? Is your future, your dreams and desires God’s? And how can you tell? How can you tell if your will is what God desires for your life.

I spent my whole life running from Gods plan for me. I knew what I was supposed to do because it was in the Bible, it was what my mom had taught me, it was what God himself had spoken into me. To be a wife and mother and keeper of my home...

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Cookies at 10 O’clock at Night?!

Baking sweet things for your family can just brighten your whole day! The other night, the boys wanted me to make them cookies. It was about 9:00 at night and I was already very tired from the long day. I said no at first but who can refuse 4 begging boys? 😉 So Hannah and I mustered up some strength and made a special cookie recipe just to surprise them! Cake Batter Cookies with white choc...

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